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Summer Symposium PEERS 2015

Dernière mise à jour le 25 juin 2015

Du 1er au 3 juillet, la Haute école pédagogique du canton de Vaud accueille le symposium PEERS 2015, dont le sujet phare est le développement du réseau européen. La présentation de l'événement qui suit est en anglais (English below).

2014-2015 has been very fruitful for the PEERS program: 15 projects (7 in Europe, 5 with Southern countries, 2 in USA and 1 in Singapore). Numerous new proposals for next academic year from all over the world: Canada, France, Denmark, Finland. PEERS program becomes more and more attractive due to its easy scheme of implementation and its outstanding features: short terms face-to-face, time flexibility, small groups, intercultural interactions, ICT distance collaborations and quality research projects. Some of the PEERS projects occasionally arise in larger research projects, congress presentations or scientific articles.

A bright future

Our exploratory and contact missions have allowed to sign agreements with new prestigious universities: Ca’ Foscari–Venezia (Italy), Kingston University (UK), University of Winchester (UK), University of Eastern Finland
Joensuu campus (Finland), Utah Valley University UVU (US), glimpsing a hopeful and expansive future. Students, trainers and institutions increasingly see the contribution and benefit of the PEERS program.

Next academic year aims

Our aims for next 2015-2016 academic year focus different axes:

  • PEERS projects proposed in each HEP Vaud Program (Master in Science and Practice of Education, Special Needs Education);
  • Continuity of the historic destinations promoting reciprocity;
  • Stabilization of partnerships with Southern countries;
  • Expansion of the European Network.

Concerning visibility, the PEERS program begins to be identified as an original concept in teacher education internationalization promoted by the HEP Vaud and its partner institutions. Numerous requests for presentations of the program show increasing interest. In addition, the PEERS editorial publishing project reaches its final stage and will also improve visibility.

PEERS Summer Symposium objectives

The objectives of 2015’s Lausanne PEERS Summer Symposium are:

  1. Exchange experiences and present new projects;
  2. Deepen two topics: "Lesson Study" approach as well as the “Intercultural Dimension”;
  3. Joint reflection on 3 subjects: “Promotion of the PEERS program in our Institutions”, “Partnerships with southern countries” and “Impact of the PEERS program for the Institutions, the teachers’ practices and the students competences“.

Lausanne shelters our Symposium this year. Focused on European expansion, Brussels was the meeting place on 2014. We would like to welcome this Summer 2015 in Lausanne our trainers and PEERS colleagues as well as the members of other Institutions involved in the PEERS program.

From the beginning, the DGES (Board of Higher Education, State of Vaud) finances jointly some of the projects in the USA, Burkina Faso, Singapore and Bolivia. Since this year we had the opportunity to benefit from the help of the Fondation.ch for our European projects. For all the projects, HEP Vaud encourages though integration in the Curricula as well as its financial support the institutionalization of the PEERS program.

Scientific Committee

  • Dr Jean-Luc Gilles, Head of the Units R&D, National and International Relationships, HEP Vaud
  • Mrs Soledad Soldevila, Exchange and Mobility Projects Coordinator, HEP Vaud
  • Dr Sveva Grigioni Baur, Natural Sciences Didactic, UER MS

Organizing Committee

  • Mrs Soledad Soldevila, Exchange and Mobility Projects Coordinator, HEP Vaud
  • Mrs Marie Cantoni-Uldry, Events Coordination – Communication Department
  • Mrs Marianne Jotterand, National and International Relations Department Secretary
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