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The Design Sprint Method: développez un projet au sein d'une start-up

Dernière mise à jour le 20 mai 2020

Du 7 au 11 septembre 2020, MassChallenge à Renens offre l'opportunité à 12 étudiantes et étudiants HEP et HES de développer un projet au sein d'une start-up à partir de la méthode «The Design Sprint» (contenu en anglais).

Only 12 HES and HEP students from across Vaud will be selected to work with a start-up for 5 days using the Design Sprint method.

Design Sprint is a proven system to accelerate the process to design, prototype and test a product, business strategy or service in just 5 days.

The Vaud Board of Higher Education (DGES) and MassChallenge, an international start-up accelerator established in Switzerland since 2016, are offering a unique opportunity for HES and HEP students to take part in a real Design Sprint.Two interdisciplinary teams will be composed to bring a maximum of perspectives to find solutions to challenges faced by two MassChallenge start-ups. Your fresh point-of-view is needed! 

These Design Sprints will take place the week of September 7 to 11, 2020, at MassChallenge in Renens.

Here’s what we’re looking for: 

  • Bachelor students enrolled at Vaud Institutions of Higher Education
  • Special attention given to candidates coming from the arts, social sciences and health sciences fields
  • B2 level in English (workshop may take place in English)
  • No experience necessary 

What you gain if you’re selected: 

  • A unique experience in real-world innovation through a process regularly used by some of the most successful companies in Switzerland and globally
  • The chance to expand your skills in interdisciplinary collaboration, analysis, open-mindedness and critical thinking
  • Guidance from experts who’ve helped both disruptive start-ups and Fortune 500 companies achieve success (A service valued at up to CHF 25,000)
  • Great networking with professionals, entrepreneurs and promising start-ups (MassChallenge start-ups are selected through a rigorous competition)
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Added value for your Degree and your CV 

How to apply: 

  • Fill out the application form by June 5, 2020. Form available here
  • You will be evaluated particularly on your description of your motivation and expectations (WOW us!) 

What happens next: 

  • Successful candidates will be notified by July 3, 2020
  • Participation is obligatory for the full 5 days of the workshop, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Meals will be included
  • Cost of participation covered by the DGES 

Have a question?

Email: maxline.stettler(at)vd.ch

Board of Higher Education (DGES) International Affairs
Av. de l’Elysée, 4
CH – 1014 Lausanne

MassChallenge Switzerland
Chemin du Closel, 5
CH – 1020 Renens

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